I have long been interested in examining the ordinariness of the spaces we inhabit and the objects/things that we find in these spaces. I have always been fascinated by abandoned buildings, even as a small child I remember the joy I felt at discovering abandoned buildings, which I could walk through, although furtively and spend hours in, just daydreaming. 

Florence Mine is one of my special places.


“When a building is being built, there is an impatience to bring it into being. Not a blade of grass can grow near this activity. Look at the building after it is being built. Each part that was built with so much anxiety and joy and willingness to proceed tries to say when you are using the building, ‘Let me tell you about how I was made.’ Nobody is listening because the building is now satisfying a need. The desire in its making is not evident. As time passes, when it is a ruin, the spirit of its making comes back. It welcomes the foliage that entwines and conceals, everyone who passes can hear the story it wants to tell about its making. It is no longer in servitude: the spirit is back”